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Compatibility Issues with Newer VC systems

There are some issues that have been arising of late, that some of the newer VC systems (Polycom, Cisco; in particular), don’t properly transmit/recieve video/audio. The only resolution I can add at this time, is to contact me, and I will bridge the call. This resolves all compatibility issues and creates a better experience overall. …

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Basic Private/Public Networking

In many ways, IP based videoconferencing is similar to telephone systems. Both systems use a number to “dial” the other user. Both can have complex strings of numbers indicating many different things (Country code for example with telephone). To get an understanding, here is a basic analogy of Private/Public networking; which is vital to make/receive …

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Aver Videoconference System

I’ve been testing out a new VC system lately, and am quite surprised to find that a manufacturer has come out with a box like this. – 720p video via hdmi output – recording via usb – simple setup/remote It is almost like, they knew what we in education need/want; and created it. Amazing little …

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New VC Systems for Rural Secondary Schools

3 new Sony Videoconferencing systems are delivered and ready to go at the rural secondary schools. These units are on mobile carts, and can be effectively used anywhere in the building where a hard wired Ethernet connection is available. The systems were the last 3 Sony PCS-G70 systems that we will be purchasing within SD73. …

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Sony PCS-G70, G50 Remote Control/Quick Connections Guide

Here is a link to a PDF file that shows all the remote control functions of a Sony PCS-G50 and Sony PCS-G70 system: Click me to view PDF

VC Training sessions

I’m penciling into my calendar some technical training sessions to run on the 30th of August. The first session will run from 9am until 11:30am and will focus on rural videoconferencing (specifically Sony systems). The second session will run from 1pm until 3:30pm and will focus on local videoconferencing (specifically Tandberg systems). The training will …

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Ultra Short Throw Projectors

These are starting to trickle into the classroom; while as great as they are, they seem to be quite difficult to setup properly (especially for widescreen 16:10 displays). Please be aware of this when thinking of doing a solution like this. Generally they are mounted on a wall mount, and not a ceiling mount. Different …

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Sony Tracking Camera’s

New Sony VC systems come with a tracking camera upgrade at no cost. This could be of concern because it looks like they are discontinuing manufacturing of the standard camera’s…. this may also mean the discontinuing of their SD VC line-up. The tracking camera’s are not all that useful in a classroom setting where there …

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Dialing Strings

This is a small article showing the different dialing strings that different videoconference systems use. Dialing strings are generally used to dial into a conference through a bridge or gatekeeper and be directed to the appropriate conference, without having to enter information on an auto-attendant. This is similar to the technology used to make a …

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In the world of IP based videoconferencing, for the most part, dialling a participant is as simple as dialling a IP address. While this may seem simple, it is becoming difficult as more and more non technical people start using the medium of videoconferencing. Videoconferencing systems are greatly affected by firewalls, and a proper network …

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