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Apr 03

More VC Systems for Elementary

I have received 3 more VC systems for “loan-out” use with SD73 Elementary schools, bringing the total to 11 systems available. Along with this, I’ve almost completed testing of the entire SD73 Videoconferencing capability.

Nov 09

Elementary VC Loan Outs

We have a total of 8 videoconferencing systems available to loan out to our elementary schools! With prices being driven down by companies like Aver, it’s getting easier to supply videoconferencing opportunities to our elementary schools. Please contact Travis Ray for loan out. A process does need to take place before a system can be …

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Oct 04

Aver Videoconference System

I’ve been testing out a new VC system lately, and am quite surprised to find that a manufacturer has come out with a box like this. – 720p video via hdmi output – recording via usb – simple setup/remote It is almost like, they knew what we in education need/want; and created it. Amazing little …

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Jun 06

New Pelican Cases


All Elementary rental systems will now be sent to the school in a Pelican Hardshell case. This will make transporting them MUCH easier. No more broken boxes!

Mar 28

New VC systems for Elementary Schools have arrived!

This give us 2 more VC systems for Elementary School use! This brings our total to 6 systems! Another note, the Tandberg HD system that Travis has been using in his office for testing is planned for an install/swap at NKSS this summer. The Polycom system from NKSS will be added to the pool for …

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Mar 10

Page design now done…

I believe I’m done editing this blog design. Hopefully it is easy on the eyes and not too cluttered, feel free to leave comments if you have any ideas to make this better.