About Videoconferencing

Sample Board Meeting Video-conference
This blog will attempt to inform and assist anyone interested in using Videoconferencing technology in the classroom to either:
– supplement current learning
– create new ways to learn
SD73 starting using Videoconferencing technology in 2004 with 6 sites. The technology was used primarily to offset declining enrollment, and to offer courses to students in rural areas which they would otherwise not have available to them. Currently, we SD73 has 20 permanent endpoints, with an additional 6 “shared” endpoints (used primarily for elementary school virtual field trips)
The technology can get quite overwhelming at first, and also quite expensive. To minimalise costs, SD73 has gone a route; using as much open source software available to get the job done. Open source software used to complete these goals:
– gnugk (gatekeepers in each high school, this would normally cost $20,000.00 per box/school; Travis Ray created a gatekeeper using this software that was completely FREE 🙂 )
– moodle (course material, communication tools)
– asterisk (IP PBX, VoIP gateway, conference server) ***currently testing
– ekiga (desktop videoconferencing h.323 client)

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