VC system connected to Projector

While for the most part, our VC (videoconferencing, acronym that I will be using from now on) systems are connected to a big screen TV or CRT TV on a mobile cart. Now, this does not have to be done this way. You can hook up a system to any other type of display device as long as you have the appropriate output/input connections on the 2 devices.

For a Elementary school wanting to connect a Polycom rental unit to a Data Projector, you would need a composite RCA video cable (yellow plug). This only carries the video signal to the projector. If you have speakers connected to the projector, you would also need RCA audio cables (red/white plugs) from the Polycom unit to the projector. The Polycom VSX 7000’s have built in speakers, so you don’t HAVE to connect audio cables.

You would connect RCA Video/Audio to bottom yellow/red/white plugs on VC system: (only yellow if not using audio)

Rear Input/Output of VSX7000

You would connect RCA Video/Audio to yellow/red/white plugs on Projector: (only yellow if not using audio)

Standard Projector Inputs

This all can be displayed on any surface, preferably a drop down screen or even a Smartboard. Keep in mind, that the smartboard is quite glossy, and you will get reflections in the image.


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    Thinking about connecting an apple TV to a projector. Have you tried this, or have any thoughts on it.?nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1nn1

    1. Can’t see why it wouldn’t work, BUT; you are not going to get 1080p resolution out of a standard data projector. If it is going to a home theatre projector that supports 1920×1080 resolution; then you will get full HD. Otherwise you will most likely top out at 720p resolution. 1280×720.

      The only output off apple tv is HDMI, so make sure the projector you are using has this.. or use a HDMI to DVI adaptor.nn1

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